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aag.jpg, 176 kB

Ian, Becky and Rich.

At this altitude we were already tired and we had only been cycling for about 5-10

I didn't take any more pictures from this point, mainly due to complete exhaustion.
About 5 minutes from where this picture was taken the slope stopped and we
followed a gravel/dust road on a slight incline for around two to three miles. Now
this doesn't sound to bad but at this altitude and with a sandy base to the road it
was one of the most tiring things I've done. This was followed by one to two hours
of up and downs on a rocky road. We started as six but before the road turned
into tarmac we were down to three, me, Jason and Rich. The others had taken to
the comfort of the van which was following.

Once on the tarmac section of the road the speed increased a fair bit and I
started getting a bit carried away until I realised that moutain bike tyres don't grip
as well as modern motorbike tyres. I stayed upright but only just.

After a fun trip down into the outskirts of Arequipa we stopped to take the van into
the centre as the traffic was not safe to say the least.

REMINDER: Watch the dogs in the outskirts of Arequipa, they will bite if you give
them half a chance :(